Mobile Manipulation

Georgia Tech CS 8803MM Spring 2021 edition

Date Topic Reading Projects
Thu, Jan 14 Introduction
Tue, Jan 19 Configuration Spaces L2 configuration space
Thu, Jan 21 Planning in SE(2) L3 Path Planning in R2
Tue, Jan 26 Potential Fields L4 Path Planning in R2 part 2
Thu, Jan 28 Simulating Discrete Agents L5 Simulating Discrete Agents
Tue, Feb 2 Inference in Graphical Models L6 Inference in Graphical Models
Thu, Feb 4 Visual Servoing L7 Visual Servo Control
Tue, Feb 9 Visual Odometry L8 Visual Odometry
Thu, Feb 11 Factor Graphs L9 Factor Graphs
Tue, Feb 16 Flavors of SLAM L10 Flavors of SLAM 1 due - 2 out
Thu, Feb 18 Transformations of Space L11 Special Euclidean Group
Tue, Feb 23 Lie Groups
Thu, Feb 25 FW Kinematics & Jacobians L12 Forward Kinematics 2 due - 3 out
Tue, Mar 2 FW Kinematics & Jacobians
Thu, Mar 4 FW Kinematics & Jacobians
Tue, Mar 9 Product of Exponentials L15 PoE
Thu, Mar 11 Lagrangian Dynamics
Tue, Mar 16 3 due - 4 out
Thu, Mar 18 Recursive Newton-Euler L18 Kinodynamics
Tue, Mar 23 Kinematic Grasps L19 Contacts fp out
Thu, Mar 25 Null-space L20 NullSpace
Tue, Mar 30 Motion Planning
Thu, Apr 1 Whole-body Control 4 due
Tue, Apr 6 Impedance
Thu, Apr 8 TAMP I proposals due
Tue, Apr 13 TAMP II
Thu, Apr 15 LQR (classical view)
Tue, Apr 20 LQR (factor graphs)
Thu, Apr 22 Presentations
Tue, Apr 27 Presentations
Thu, Apr 29 final project due
Fri, Apr 30 Final exam out
Wed, May 5 Final exam due